Mobile rates

Offer valid for new contracts and portabilities. Customers with a mobile line with Vozplus, please contact Customer Service for more information about the available options at 951001100 or by email at

Choose the best mobile rate in Mijas.. Our variety of rates adapts to any need.

They do not have permanence, or small print, go to a nearby company..

Special services for mobile phones

  • Roaming Restriction: ability to send and receive calls in mobile networks outside the local service area of the company, that means within the service area of another company in the same country, or during a stay in a different country, with network a foreign company. You can enable / disable this option to make calls abroad but we have no data service outside Spain.
  • Premium rate services restriction (803, 806, 807, 905): the premium rate services are those which, by dialing a specific telephone code by users, represent a specific and added payment to the cost of telephone service, as remuneration to the service provider or subscriber called for the provision information, communication and other services.
  • GPRS y UMTS restriction: Internet connection data restriction
  • Outgoing calls restriction only.
  • Total suspension of calls incoming and outgoing (due to fraud or theft).