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Prices vat included. You can check the conditions at the bottom of this page.Unlimited calls within fair use rules. Maximum 120 different destinations.
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Prices vat included. You can check the conditions at the bottom of this page.
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All requests will be resolved within a maximum period of 72 hours (except pin / puk queries or blockades).
We are developing the mobile application to improve the management of the lines and to reduce the response time.

Special services for mobile phones

These mobile services are disabled by default. If you want to activate some of them just have to apply through the email:

  • Roaming Restriction: ability to send and receive calls in mobile networks outside the local service area of the company, that means within the service area of another company in the same country, or during a stay in a different country, with network a foreign company. You can enable / disable this option to make calls abroad but we have no data service outside Spain.
  • Premium rate services restriction (803, 806, 807, 905): the premium rate services are those which, by dialing a specific telephone code by users, represent a specific and added payment to the cost of telephone service, as remuneration to the service provider or subscriber called for the provision information, communication and other services.
  • GPRS y UMTS restriction: Internet connection data restriction
  • Outgoing calls restriction only.
  • Total suspension of calls incoming and outgoing (due to fraud or theft).

The terms and conditions of the mobile service are subject to changes established by the service provider. VOZPLUS is not responsible for any changes made without prior notice by said provider. Any changes made by the provider without prior communication to VOZPLUS are exclusively attributable to it. ADDITIONAL DATA: Prices include VAT. 4G compatible network. Bonuses are only applicable to tariffs with data included. There is not limit of add on data during each month. Data bonuses are non renewable. At the end of each month the bonus is terminated. INTERNATIONAL DATA: Prices include VAT. Minutes to land lines and mobiles from the following destinations: Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Hong Kong . , Lithuania, Croatia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Greece, France, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, United States of America and Canada. Once the international bonus has been consumed each call will have the standard price and connection fee. VIP TARIFFS: Prices include VAT. 4G compatible network. Once the mobile data is exceeded, an additional 1GB is applied with a speed reduction of 16Kb. After an additional GB the bonus is terminated. Unlimited calls bonus subject to reasonable use standards. Exceeded the limit of reasonable use of calls the following rate price applies: Connection fee 0.1545 €, plus 0.096 € / minute. SMS: € 0.086, SMS Internac: € 0.2575. FLOW TARIFF: Prices include VAT. 1,000 min of GCU calls. 4G compatible network. Once the mobile data is exceeded, an additional 1GB is applied at a speed of 16Kb on the 1GB and 2GB tariffs. After an additional MB or GB the bonus is terminated. Once the tariff minutes have been consumed, the prices applied will be: Initial connection fee. € 0.1487, plus price per minute: € 0 5 first minutes, from 6 ° min. € 0.0309 min. SMS: € 0.0866, SMS Internac: € 0.2575. BASIC TARIFF, 1,693 € / month with the call price: Connection fee € 0.1545, and price per minute: € 0 for the first five minutes, starting at 6 ° min. € 0.0309 min. Basic rate for navigation : 0.0306 € / MB. FAIR USE RULES: Calls to national landlines and mobiles 0 €. Maximum 120 different destinations. Unlimited calls within the "fair use rules". If you make a monthly consumption that quadruples the average monthly consumption of Vozplus customers who have contracted the Unlimited Rate, Vozplus will be able to send an SMS to the client to inform of the amount of minutes consumed and that it will start to charge a price outside of the bonus after an additional 100 minutes consumed. The current average of clients is 600 minutes per month. Exceeded the limit on the number of destinations: it is charged at € 0.10 per minute, connection fee at € 0.18, sending SMS messages at € 0.10. Exceeded the data bonus of the low speed up to 16Kbps for an additional 1GB, after this extended limit the connection is terminated until the following month.

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