Can Vozplus offer Internet in rural areas?

We offer, in the first place, the possibility of having where there is no telephone network (like rural areas or far from the urban centers) a fixed telephone and/or internet connection with the same characteristics as if you requested it for an address downtown:

- Reliable and competitively priced

- High speed internet with capacity to offer ADSL of up to 10Mb.

What are the requirements to hire our services?

Our point of reference are the antennas of Mount of Mijas, if you see the mountain from your house, we can offer our services with safety. If you can't see it, we will have to do a previous free check from your address.

Now, we are expanding our antennas by other points, do not hesitate to consult and one of our technicians will go to your home without commitment to check your coverage.

How to hire our services?

We perform a free demonstration at your home to see what is the REAL coverage that comes to you, in order to offer you the exact speed you may have.

To hire our services you can do it in four ways:

  1. Fill out the contact form in the section CONTACT
  2. By email to the address info@vozplus.com, indicating your address and phone number
  3. By telephone number 951 00 11 00, during office hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  4. Going to our office: Calle Antonio Machado 12, Las Lagunas de Mijas 29651 Málaga

What if I want to keep my phone number?

If you want to keep your old phone number, we do the portability from your old company to ours at not cost and in the most comfortable and fast way without commitment of permanence. In addition, we do not bill you until the portability has been realized.

Why hire our services?

  • At the moment, we are the company with best prices quality-speed relation.
  • We have an immediate technical service and personalized telephone service, without machines or answering machines, during office hours.
  • In the service by antenna, we do not have permanence, you will be able to be retired at the moment that you want.
  • We have the latest technologies to give you the best service.
  • In fiber optic service we offer up to 300Mb, with the possibility of combining it with television or mobile telephony.


How do I view my invoices?

In adittion to the invoices will be sent to your email address each month, you can view them whenever you want within the customer area of the Vozplus website:

In the customer area, in addition to viewing your invoices according to the period you choose, you can download in an Excel file the detail of the calls of each of the invoices, individually.

  1. Within the User Zone, go to Invoices:
  2. Choose the period of invoices to view.
  3. A table will appear with the data of the invoices that are between the dates that you have chosen .
  4. Activate the invoice number (in Blue), in this way the invoice file will be downloaded in format PDF.
  5. Activating the hyperlink "generar" of the CDR column of the invoice that you choose, a file will be downloaded with the list of calls of the corresponding invoice, in Excel format.

To see your consumption to date:

  1. Within the User Zone, go to Calls
  2. Choose the period in which you want to see the calls (you should consider that the period invoiced within each invoice runs from 1 to 17 of the previous month).

Example Invoice of 01/05/2015 period of calls invoiced from 01/04/2010 to 04/31/2015.

You can request the sending of your keys to your email. You can change them as soon as you enter your user zone.

You should consider that if you have contracted call bonuses the costs shown in the detail of calls will not be the real ones since the discounts due to the bonuses are applied at the time of billing.

If you want to keep track of the call times according to the type of call, consider that in the detail you will get the accumulated times in seconds.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

How to add a welcome message to my phone?

To add a custom welcome message to your answering machine:

  1. Dial * 22, then the system will ask for your code (extension number of your phone in the contract)
  2. Enter it and then wait a few seconds to hear the phrase
  3. Dial 0 (zero) and follow the instructions to record a new welcome message

How to activate / deactivate my answering machine?

Answering machine

Activation code: *10

Deactivation code: *11

To listen to messages: *22

How to make a call forwarding?

Activation code: * 60, call and wait for voiceover, dial [phone number] #

Deactivation code: * 64

Internet does not work

Steps to follow in case you do not have an Internet connection:

  1. Restart the router (unplug from the electricity)
  2. Wait 10 seconds
  3. Reconnect the router
  4. Restart your computers (PC, laptop, mobile)

NEVER push the reset button on your router as it will lose connection settings.

Make sure you have activated the Wi-Fi on your device and you are entering the correct key for your network.

If it is not solved, call our technical service (951 250 900)

Optic Fiber

If I contract, how long will it take to have the VOZPLUS fiber?

You can enjoy our fiber services at the same time that the installation is completed. As soon as you leave us your data, our technicians will contact you in a couple of days to give you the installation appointment and enjoy immediately.

Are the megas offered by VOZPLUS real?

Our fiber optic technology direct to your home guarantees that the offered speed is real.

Will I be some time without a phone?

Only in the case that you request the retention of telephone number, your service may be affected. This period is necessary to make the change of telephone company and in most cases is less than 3 hours on the indicated day of the change of portability.

Do I have to do something or say something to my current Phone / Internet / TV company?

If you wish to keep your telephone number, you must request the withdrawal of all your communications services (rented terminals, television, etc.) except the telephone line. If you do not wish to keep the telephone number, the line owner must request the withdrawal of all communication services to his current company(s).

We always advise that on the day of the change, confirm with your previous company that you have been discharged from all services correctly.

What is the fiber of VOZPLUS?

It is a complete service of dial-up in your home with which you will be able to totally and definitively disconnect from other traditional telephone operators and group all your concepts of line, telephony and Internet in a single invoice.

What services are associated with VOZPLUS fiber?

The fiber optic service is linked to the enjoyment of any high-speed Internet connection up to 300 Mbps.

Do I need to have a landline in advance?

It is not mandatory to hire the landline to enjoy the VOZPLUS fiber. If you need it, VOZPLUS will install one and activate the service by giving you a new number or you can keep your landline number.

With the Vozplus line can I make any type of call?

The telephone service of VOZPLUS Line offers you the possibility to call any type of telephone number, as well as the possibility of restricting incoming, outgoing, special numbering, etc ...

What type of telephone terminal can I use in the VOZPLUS Line service?

VOZPLUS offers a superb cordless telephone with which you will be able to enjoy each and every one of the services provided. However, the customer will be able to use any type of analog phone he is currently using (RTC lines, not ISDN).
As a general rule, these telephone terminals must contain the printed CE symbol and, if possible, include in their instruction manual an explicit specification of their possibility of use in Spain. Depending on each specific terminal, some of the advanced services offered may not be supported by the phone, so we always recommend using the wireless terminal offered by VOZPLUS.

Does VOZPLUS provide advanced telephone services?

Yes, the VOZPLUS Line provides the most advanced value-added services such as diversion scheduling, voicemail, welcome and busy message, number concealment, etc.

How can you activate these advanced services?

Most of these services can be easily activated and deactivated by yourself by dialing from your own phone. Along with all the documentation provided by VOZPLUS, we include a complete and manageable guide to use all these advanced services.

Who provides maintenance of the VOZPLUS line service?

This telephone service is entirely provided by VOZPLUS, so it will be us who will address any maintenance task if necessary.

In VOZPLUS services, what happens if I need extra wiring or rosettes?

On request, VOZPLUS personnel can install all the rosettes and wiring you need in your home in the desired location. This service is not free and has an additional cost.

Will I continue to receive bills from my current operator?

No. By switching to VOZPLUS, all invoicing related to the telephone service of the line contracted by you will be issued by VOZPLUS, failing to receive invoices from previous operators. In this way, you get to group all your concepts of line, telephony and Internet into a single invoice.


What coverage do I have?

Our network provider is Orange, so with our mobile rates you can enjoy the same coverage as any customer who has contracted their line with Orange. We use their antennas to offer coverage in 99% of the national territory.

What do you need to start talking with Vozplus?

You only have to have a free mobile phone and purchase a Vozplus SIM card.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, you only have to come to our office with the SIM card number or ICC-ID code (you can find it in your contract with your old company or request it at a point of sale). It's a 19-digit code that starts with 8934 ...

The process is about two or three business days.

I've changed my mobile and need a smaller card

You should check if the card you need is micro sim or nano sim. To request the new SIM, please contact us and we will provide you with the type of card your mobile needs.

How can I change my PIN?

If you want to change the PIN code of your card just dial the following sequence on your mobile: ** 05 * PUK * old PIN * new Pin # and press the call key. But consult your phone's guide to change it from the settings of your mobile.

What do I do if I am wrong to activate the service ?

If you make a mistake typing the PIN three times, your card will be locked for security, and you will be prompted for the PUK.

I forgot my PIN code and / or my PUK how can I retrieve it?

The PUK code is a number that you can find on the card that we gave you at the time of delivery of the SIM card.

If you do not find it, to retrieve it the line owner should call the following telephone number: 918 29 29 19

What do I do in case of loss or theft?

If you have lost or stolen your SIM card, call us at the emergency number as soon as possible 951 250 900. We will block calls so that no one can spend your balance and only lose the amount consumed until the moment of your call.

To lock the handset, your mobile phone has a unique 15 digit ID code, the IMEI code, which is usually printed on a bar code sticker outside the phone's purchase box (you can also tell by dialing Phone * # 06 #). Communicate this IMEI code in the store where you bought the mobile to be blocked so nobody can use it in Spain.

Do I have customer service?

The customer service department of Vozplus for billing issues can answer you at 951 00 11 00 or email info@vozplus.com

Do I have permanence?

No. Our mobile rates have no permanence. In Vozplus you are free and you can unsubscribe without having to pay penalties. Just send an email to info@vozplus.com with your contact details and the date of the cancellation.

Navigation and mobiles

How can I have Internet with Vozplus?

Simply configure the APN of your mobile phone or tablet to connect through the Vozplus network.

How to configure my Android phone to access the Internet with Vozplus?

To start browsing with Vozplus you will need to configure some parameters on your device. In most terminals you should look for the option ‘Create a new APN’ To do this, follow the following route (depending on the terminal, the route varies):

  • Settings
  • Wireless connections (more settings)
  • Mobile networks
  • Access point names. Once you are here, press the touch button that is located to the left of the main button, click on ‘Create a new APN’
  • Please fill in only the following fields: Name ‘Vozplus’ and APN ‘internettph’ Save these changes and select the APN you just created.
  • Now you can surf with your Smartphone! In case you do not connect to the data network, try restarting the mobile.

How to configure my iPhone to access the Internet with Vozplus?

To configure the iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network from your mobile and open the browser of your smartphone, in this case, I guess it will be Safari.
  • Access the following website from your smartphone: unlockit.co.nz.
  • Below the second icon you will see the option to create APN. Click on the icon.
  • In the country option, select Spain and under Operator, select Vozplus.
  • Press again to create APN.
  • You will see another screen where you have to click on the Install button.
  • You can also configure your terminal quickly here (configure your terminal). First you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, then you have to look for your make and model of terminal and indicate your mobile number. You will get a configuration SMS to install and configure the APN.
  • Already, you already have your iPhone configured!, If you see that does not connect to the data network try restarting the terminal.

How fast will I navigate?

At Vozplus we guarantee the maximum speed (4G) regardless of what you download and the rate you have contracted thanks to the 4G PLUS network.

* Remember, the speed of navigation that you experience depends on the access terminal, the application and the load situation of the Network.

What is a free mobile? How can I free my cell phone?

They are mobiles whose operation is not restricted / anchored to a specific operator (Vodafone, Movistar, Orange, etc.). They work with any SIM card you insert.

There are several ways to free your mobile to enjoy the service Vozplus:

  • Through terminal release web pages.
  • Requesting your operator the IMEI release code. You can also know by dialing with the phone * # 06 #. They send you an SMS with the code to unlock it.
  • In many of the telephone shops or locutorios that you can find in the street.

I have a Blackberry, can I hire a line with Vozplus?

Yes, you can have the service of calls but not of the service of mobile navigation, nor of messaging Blackberry.

Can I do tethering with Vozplus? (Sharing the Internet using a mobile device with an Internet connection to provide access to the network to other devices)

Yes, tethering can be done with Vozplus, but there are incompatibilities with some versions or updates of some terminals.

How to share the Internet with my iPhone?

Once the APN is configured and the data is activated, enter the next option:

  • Go to SETTINGS / Wireless / Data / Mobile networks
  • There are 3 spaces that must be filled as follows:
  • Name: MoviData
  • Access point name APN: write “internettph”
  • Password: leave blank
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is off, the data is active and configured properly
  • When you activate it, a password of about 12 digits appears. That password is the one you have to put on the other device that you want to connect.
  • Once activated, you can share Internet using Wifi, bluetooth (only devices that allow this type of connection) and via USB cable.

IMPORTANT: if it does not work, restart the finish or try to remove and put the mobile data of the terminal.

Can I use VoIP with Vozplus?

Yes, with Vozplus you can enjoy IP Voice.


Can I speak with Vozplus abroad?

You can talk to Vozplus in all countries with which Vozplus has an agreement with other operators. You can check the destinations where we have Roaming here (roaming rates)

What should I do to have Roaming enabled abroad?

To activate the Roaming service you must contact us on 951 00 11 00 to activate it because it is disabled by default.

Can I surf with Vozplus abroad?

The DATA ACTIVATION IN ROAMING option has been enabled, so you can choose one of these 2 options:

  • Roaming Activation for VOICE and SMS (no data)
  • Roaming Activation for VOICE, SMS and DATA


How is the portability process?

Portability is the process, after the consent of the customer, change of mobile operator.

Portability, it takes 2 business days from your application date, which correspond to 12 working hours of the portability node (24 working hours total).

Your Vozplus SIM card will arrive before your portability becomes effective. The day that portability becomes effective, your old SIM card will be deactivated and you can use the Vozplus service. (Normally portability is done during the hours of dawn so that the change affects as little as possible to the customer).

You always need the current SIM card number (it comes from behind the card and is a 19-digit code that starts with 8934 ...) and exactly the same data of the holder of the line (name and ID / passport) so that portability is not rejected.

How can I cancel the portability to Vozplus?

In the case of Vozplus, if you have changed your mind and no longer wish to be part of Vozplus, you must contact us within two business days after requesting your portability, otherwise you will not be able to cancel. Also you have to contact your current provider to cancel with them as well. We will need a photocopy of your DNI / NIE or passport and a signed cancellation request.


Do I have a missed call service?

Yes, the Vozplus lost call service is completely free. If you have your cellphone off or out of coverage and someone calls you, you will receive an SMS indicating the number that called you, date and time.

Do I have a voicemail? How can I turn it on or off?

To access the functions of the voice mailbox, you must call 242 from your mobile, from there you will hear a small menu so you can configure it to your liking.

To deactivate the answering machine: - Dial ##002# and press the call button.

If I travel abroad, can I use the voicemail?

Yes, but before leaving Spain you must have the mailbox and roaming services activated.

What is Call Forwarding? How can I activate or deactivate this service?

Call forwarding is a service with which you can divert incoming calls that you receive to your Vozplus number to any other number. You should note that when you answer these calls you will be charged the cost of issuing a call, depending on the contracted rate. That is, the calls that you deviate the paid ones with the prices of your habitual plan of calls.

For example if you deviate your fixed to a mobile number, it is as if you made a call from your fixed to a mobile, so you will count as minutes to mobiles and you will pay according to your rate.

To activate call forwarding:

  1. Make: **21* number you want the calls to enter #.
  2. Press the call button.

To turn off call forwarding:

  1. Dial ##002#.
  2. Press the call button and wait until the locution confirms the deactivation.

Types of Call Forwarding:

  1. Divert all incoming calls: (diversion code: 21).
  2. Divert when you do not answer the phone: (diversion code: 61).
  3. Divert when the phone is busy: (diversion code: 67).
  4. Divert when the phone is off or out of coverage (diversion code: 62).

Note: If you want to set a timeout before the diversion (between 5 to 30 seconds) you can do so by dialing: ** 61 * number to divert the call ** time # (call button).

How can I check my consumption?

You can access the customer area with a user and password that will be provided by email at the time of discharge or you can request it at any time to the email movil@vozplus.com or on the customer service phone 951 00 11 00.

In case you have contracted a data bonus, we will be able to send you an SMS informing that you have consumed 100% of the bonus at maximum speed.

Can I block / activate my international calls?

It is activated by default on all lines, is restricted from the terminal by a sequence:

  1. If you have not modified it, your personal code is 000000.
  2. Activate the service by dialing *331* personal code # and press “llamar”.
  3. Disables service by dialing #331* personal code # and press “llamar”.
  4. Verify the service by dialing *#331# and press “llamar”.

Can I block / activate all incoming calls?

  1. Activate the service by dialing *35*0000 # and press “llamar”
  2. Disables service by dialing #35*0000 # and press “llamar”
  3. Verify the service by dialing*#35# and press “llamar”
  4. Remember that you will not be able to receive any calls until you remove the lock.

Can I change from one rate to another? Does it cost?

Yes, you can change from one rate to another once a month without cost. The change will be effective on the first day of each month.

Is there an MMS service?

We do not have this service.

Is there a premium SMS service?

We do not have this service.

Can I have two cards with the same phone number?

We do not have this service.

Can I have a card with two different phone numbers?

We do not have this service.