Guaranteed technical assistance

Guarantee Support in Mijas! From our headquarters in Las Lagunas we run our own official service. There are no middlemen, our local technicians can provide maximum efficiency and
agility to possible incidents.

Office in Mijas, personalized attention

We can assist for all your needs personally. Our team is present and available for you at our headquarters in Mijas, our own technicians take control of your services personally.

More ways to solve technical issues

If you prefer, in addition to the personal attention in office, you can contact us through the traditional channels by calling the Tel. 951 00 11 00 or by email to info@vozplus.com

Own FIBER OPTIC network

Connect your mobile phone, tablet, PC and others to Vozplus fiber and fly in all simultaneously. View and compare our rates with the quality of the product we offer, and always with guaranteed technical assistance

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